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Maya, cremation and Mom’s Baby Factory

Today we said goodbye to Maya, our 13 year old yellow lab. Aaron and I adopted her the day after we closed on the purchase of our home. She was 1, and I went to pick her up while Aaron was at work. She was mine for roughly 6 hours, and then Aaron came home and she forgot all about me forever and ever unless it was dinner time.

Aaron was 100% her person and she needed to be right up against his side, have him in her sight, always. It drove him just a little crazy but I know he loved it too. When he’d go on fires she would take up post at the front door right around 6:00 PM and wait for him. Every night for 14-21 days.

She had a very specific bark and enthusiasm whenever Aaron would pull in the driveway. We would still hear it whenever Aaron’s parents come over in his old Jeep, or when my brother comes over in his old truck. When Aaron died, she sat at the backyard fence with Marley and watched as his body entered the van. She new he was gone, but I think in her heart she wished he was going to hop out of one of these vehicles again.

Maya, like Aaron, passed at home with me holding her and will be cremated to be placed with Aaron and his tree.

When Aaron decided to be cremated, I didn’t fully expect all the questions that would come from Haddie. I should have, she’s always been pretty interrogative in her search for knowledge, but couple that with the lack of filter five year olds have and my lanta!  Our conversation went like this:

“When people die, some people are buried in the earth in a coffin, and others are cremated. And Dad would like to be cremated so he can be buried in the yard with a tree that we can visit every single day.”

“What’s cremated mean Mom?”-H

“Well, the body gets turns to dust.”

“How do they turn him to dust?”-H

“Well, the spirit is gone to Heaven and they put the body into a very hot oven.”

“But Mom, like how do they get the bones out of the body?”-H

“They don’t.”

“But Mom, how do they like peel the skin off?”-H

“Haddie. The whole body just goes into the oven. All of it.”

“Oooooooh……….but then how does it turn to dust?”-H

“Well, after the fire the bones are left and they get crushed to sand.”

“Oh. Ok, mommy!”-H

“Can we stop talking about this now?”-E

With her level of inquiry I guarantee she is going to steer the “how are babies made” conversation long before her brother! I have skirted the specifics twice already because

I have already had to explain why Mom having more babies is much more complicated than just deciding to have a baby.  She knows Dad had a vasectomy which is why we didn’t have more babies, but in her mind he’s out of the equation now so why don’t I just go have one myself! A simple “Mom’s baby factory is closed for more babies” has bought me very little time, heaven help me.

I will miss Maya so much. She was another direct connection to life with Aaron that is now gone. Another hard decision I had to make on my own. But I can do hard things. I am doing hard things.

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So glad we were able to hurry home to be with you and the kids for yet another heartbreak event in all of our lives💔Papa BrIan has formed a special bond with the two dogs, while Aaron was gone so much last year and today was, in a way, an opening up of that deep would we have from loosing our sweet Aaron🫶🏼🌻✨We all were able to share in laughter and tears knowing Maya was running freely towards her Aaron through the fields of sunflowers and daisies🌻


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And you are doing a great job girl. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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